Big Mobile And Adswizz Prove Store Visits When Listening To Digital Audio Ads

Big Mobile together with Adswizz, the largest digital audio network in Australia, have cracked the holy grail for audio buyers – the ability to serve users with digital audio ads and then track store visits and store uplift reporting.

Adswizz provides ad tech to the largest digital audio publishers in the Australian market to connect them with programmatic buyers. Adswizz was recently acquired by Pandora Internet radio, for its market leading audio programmatic technologies. Its network offers reach and scale of 7.1 million unique listeners and more than 100 million audio listens per month across an in-app environments.

This partnership with Big Mobile has then seen its location ad tech used to filter for a common Device ID captured in the in-app audio session, which is then washed against device IDs that have entered the advertisers stores to accurately track footfall attribution. It goes a step further to accurately measure store uplift as a direct result from your digital audio campaign for advertisers with a healthy audio budget.

Patrick Roger, VP of New Markets at Adswizz says “we’ve seen a rapid increase in our Australian audiences in recent years as consumers rapidly change their audio consumption habits. It’s great to see new product enhancements such as tracking footfall to provide advertisers with clear ROI on their digital audio campaigns”.

The merging of audio with location services is an industry first and Big Mobile and Adswizz are proud of their collaboration to have made it happen.

Andrew O’Shea, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Big Mobile says “IAB Australia has just released some really positive numbers on the Australian audio industry, with 87% of agencies buying streaming audio in 2018. The new ad tech enhancements we’ve developed such as tracking footfall in the audio environment will help the industry and marketers confidently invest more in the channel.”

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