Harley Davidson Widespace Campaign Finalist for 2018 MOB-EX Research & Insight Best Campaign Awa

Big Mobile are proud to announce that we are finalists in the 2018 MOB-EX awards for Best Campaign - Research & Analytics and Best Team - Solutions Provider.

We're happy to share the details of the successful Research and Insights campaign we worked on for Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson came to us with a brief to reach their audience of older males on mobile, where they have been struggling to engage users in the past. Harley Davidson had insights to support the idea that their audience is being enticed less by Harley style motorcycles and more by affordable sports cars etc. Their core objective was to raise awareness of the Harley Davidson brand and their new 2018 range of bikes and use the campaign insights to drive further marketing decisions and investment.

We knew to engage the right users and to drive high dwell time, we needed to build an engaging ad format. The format best suited for Harley Davidson’s objectives was the 3D Swipe ad unit which is non-obtrusive and allows the user to engage and swipe through a number of frames.

In addition to our standard reporting on Impressions, Unique Reach, CTR, Dwell time, Viewability, Engagement Rate and which frames of the creative performed the highest, Big Mobile were able to conduct a Brand Impact Study which is verified by Millward Brown. This study is designed to provide valuable brand insights and to measure the direct success of a mobile campaign, using metrics such as brand awareness, purchase uplift, ad recall etc.

The campaign drove some of the highest results we’ve seen so far across the Widespace network. Big Mobile drove an astounding engagement rate of 8.75% (4% benchmark) and 59,000 total ad swipes. Campaign viewability was at 70% (56% IAB Standard) and average time in view at almost 5 seconds. We reached a total of 234,364 unique users and drove an incredible CTR of 0.92%

The most valuable results came from our Millward Brown verified Brand Impact Study.

Our findings revealed that 71% of the engaged audience were males and 77% of respondents were ages 45+. This confirmed the right audience for us and verified that the Widespace Algorithm was capable of finding the right audience. The Campaign drove a 20% uplift in brand awareness over the control group of unexposed users. We also drove a staggering 44% uplift in purchase intent. These results show Harley Davidson that their audience is receptive to mobile advertising and it is possible to drive brand awareness with a combination of and engaging format, premium environments and a highly effective targeting method. These insights have been applied to additional digital campaigns,

including social, display and video.

See Case Study Below:

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