Big Mobile Group continues to deliver Premium, Brand safe publishers to its Mobile Advertising Propo

Big Mobile now has almost 70 mobile sites across the Widespace premium platform serving around 100 million impressions to 10 million Unique Browsers each month in Australia.

The unique platform measures brands by mobile metrics, engagements such as swipes, shakes, pinches as well as clicks and impressions and then, using a smart machine learning algorithm, finds lookalike browsers who are most likely to interact with the advert.

The first results have been highly impressive and will the results be released in a few week’s times. And by serving advertising in a brand safe environment with high viewability it is one of the most trusted platforms for brand advertising.

Sweden’s Widespace has one of the first intelligent mobile DSPs in market and clearly differentiates itself from other platforms which tend to engage with all sites – desktop and mobile – and use clicks and impressions as their standard measurements.

It also provides a wide range of engaging formats which feed the algorithm in real time. It also uses ad impact surveys during the campaign to measure brand recall and intent to purchase – the results of which are also fed back into the algorithm to find more potential customers.

The algorithm works like Netflix & Spotify and takes 200 points of reference to work out if it should recommend the advert to the browser – all within a fraction of a second.

Now Widespace’s APAC partner Big Mobile has signed up several big publishers to use the platform, including CBS, Austereo, Ticketek, Pandora and many more which allows the algorithm to work across 70 individual sites bringing scale and results.

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