Powered By Partner Managed Service Fee Terms & Fair Use

The PBP is assigned the amount of 20 hours per month to use Big Mobile creative department exclusively for the Widespace platform as they deem fit. The PBP will be notified/alerted when the PBP reaches 90% of the hours used and again at 100%. After assigned hours are reached an hourly rate will be charged at the hourly rate set in each territory (contact Big Mobile for current fees) but these fees will be waived if the PBP has confirmed bookings of more than 1,500 CPMs for the month.




Assigned hours will be attributed to:

  • Brainstorms/meetings

  • Mocks - live and static

  • Development

  • Client research

  • Mid & Post Campaign Reports


(1A) Mocks for prospecting campaigns for the Widespace Platform


A mock is deemed as any creative designed for the sake of illustrating the flow of how the ad will function as well as have notes on any other functionality it will include.


Mocks may take up to 72 hours depending on the production status of paid jobs and production queue. Mocks are to be supplied by filling out the mandatory table here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yy_ktUaLybeCVzdOZJtktX4h1VAXF8wikKWvbaOBHK8/edit?usp=sharing


(1B) Mocks For Paid Builds on the Widespace Platform


Storyboards can be created for paid builds after the Insertion Order has been signed. Storyboards can be created to show the flow of how the ad will function as well as have notes on any other functionality/tracking it will include. A maximum of three changes are to be made and any changes after that include a per hour design fee. Briefing forms and mandataries can be supplied prior to to the storyboarding stage to ensure three changes are not surpassed. Mocks may take up to 72 hours depending on the production status of paid jobs. Big Mobile for briefing form can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9-_vIfnep3CUENEeXFGWEpvR1E


Development time


Depending on the complexity of the ad unit, builds may take up to two to three weeks to build and also test. This can be managed by the production manager who can give a clear indication as well as milestones for the campaign.


Live Links


Live links - a shareable link of campaign creative which is able to be viewed in-situ on a mobile device - can be created based off mock builds previously created (1B) or new mock via the Mock template (1A). The production team is to be approached in order to place the build into the production queue.


Live links for the following Widespace builds can be supplied in the following estimated timelines:

  • Streamview - 72hrs

  • Splitview - 72hrs

  • Full Page Reveal (static) - 72hrs

  • Swipe - 72hrs

  • Banner  - 48hrs

  • Double Banner - 48hrs


Any other demo that is required to be built is deemed Ad Hoc and is to be briefed into the production department where a timeline will be put in place as well as an ETA of deliverables, amount of assigned hours to be consumed by Ad Hoc job.




Gamification, unless the client knows exactly how the game should work and the mechanics involved will require a brainstorming session. A Big Mobile UX designer is to be in a conversation to discuss best practices as well as helpful insights to help create the best possible game for the clients' campaign. Once an idea has evolved and the client has supplied required assets using the briefing form as a guide (1B) production will commence. Storyboards for builds can be created to show the flow of how the game will function as well as have notes on any other functionality it will include as well as tracking. Once complete this can be sent to the client for changes/approval. A maximum of five changes are to be made and any changes after that include a per hour design fee.


Note: Gamification requires larger amounts of development time and may take up to two weeks to complete. The gamification ad unit will be tested across all ios and android devices and browsers to ensure quality control.


Bespoke Creative fees

For all bespoke work, including gamification or complicated builds, builds are charged at an hourly rate hour. Please email creativeindo@bigmobile.com for a quote if you require this service.

Creative Services rate card for use with PBP Platform Utilization Fee only model. Please contact Big Mobile for rate card by region


Big Mobile Creative Services Fair Use Policy

The Big Mobile Fair Use Policy applies to the Big Mobile Creative Services for Powered By Partners (PBP)who chose to use the company’s Managed Services under the PBP Agreement.

All of Big Mobile Creative Services are for the use of personnel who work for a PBP which has signed up to the PBP and requires Managed Services and for that purpose only.

The Agreement includes 20 hours Creative Services as part of the Managed Service Package and further unlimited hours in any month if the PBP books and runs more than 1,500 paid CPMs in any given month on the Widespace Platform.

Big Mobile retains the right to review the usage and charge for services if the PBP has exceeded a further 20 hours of Creative Services in any given month – or a total of 40 hours in total - as long as 1,500 CPMs have been booked and run on the Widespace Platform in the month.

The Fair Use Policy applies where the PBP’s usage of the Big Mobile Creative Services is unreasonable.

For the purposes of the Fair Use Policy, unreasonable use is defined as:

  • Where the PBP’s use of Big Mobile Creative Services is reasonably considered by Big Mobile to be fraudulent or to adversely affect the Big Mobile Creative Teams ability to deliver campaign work for other customers.

  • 'Fraudulent use" includes but is not limited to resupplying a Big Mobile Creative Service without our consent so that someone else (other than the PBP who has signed an agreement) may benefit from those Services or take advantage of the Fair Use Offer.

Our Rights

Where a PBP is in breach of this Fair Use Policy, Big Mobile may contact the PBP to discuss changing the usage and charges so that it conforms to this Fair Use Policy.
If after you have been contacted the PBP continues excessive or unreasonable use then Big Mobile may, without further notice to you:

  1. Send you an invoice for excessive hours at the hourly rate in your PBP Agreement;

  2. suspend or limit the Service (for any period Big Mobile believes is reasonably necessary; and/or

  3. terminate Your agreement in accordance with the PBP Agreement.

Big Mobile retains the right to alter the Terms of the Agreement with 14 days notice.

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