Compliments your DSP


Buddy is an automated omnichannel rich media platform, it compliments all Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), it’s the easiest and most consistent way to produce highly engaging rich media. Using Buddy is super easy, first Buddy will inspire you by inviting you to scan through Big Mobile’s creative showcase, then to use the intuitive briefing form which instructs Big Mobile’s expert team to get your build started, alternatively if you’re more adventurous you can build your own creative the self-build tools.

Throughout the rich media creation process, Buddy clearly demonstrates progress and iterations of the build process. Because these rich media formats push the boundaries of what’s possible, Buddy will recommend a range of compliant media options, this ensures consumers can engage with your ads, in the way they were designed to function. These media options are transparently issued by Buddy in the form of Deal IDs alongside the creative tag.

Simply copy both the creative tag and Deal ID and pastes them directly into your preferred DSP and the campaign can be started.

When the campaign is running, checking in on how consumers are engaging with the rich media is really easy, Buddy captures all the advanced engagement types (ie swipes, scratches, dwell time etc) and presents them in visual reports which are accessed through Buddy’s graphical dashboard.

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